Breaking: HGSU-UAW voted to ratify our first union contract! Read the press release for more information.

Harvard University is supposed to be a world-class institution that creates opportunity, not extinguishes it.

Yet right now, Harvard’s denying key harassment and discrimination protections and basic healthcare coverage to key parts of its workforce.

That’s why student workers are launching a major public awareness campaign, calling #ForABetterHarvard.

What We’re Fighting For:

Stronger Protection from Harassment and Discrimination

For years, Harvard has chosen to protect powerful perpetrators accused of harassment—while survivors have too often been silenced.

Harassment complaints increased 55% last year at Harvard University. But survivors still don’t have a fair, neutral grievance process.

Access to Quality Healthcare

Harvard has the largest endowment in the world—$39.2 billion—and students pay over $67,000 each year, but the administration doesn’t have the decency to provide healthcare equity to student workers.

The world’s wealthiest university can afford to do better.

A majority of student workers, supported by a growing number of campus groups and community allies, are standing up to demand basic protections against harassment and discrimination and better access to healthcare, guaranteed through a union contract.
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